Contactless Visitor Management

Contactless visitor management. Off load your guards. Boost your Brand. Customizable. Visitor Form in Your Regional Language

What are advantages of Visitor Management System?

  • Increase effectiveness of your team by more than 40%.

  • Generate Leads from Visitor Management System. Integration with Sales Force or any other CRM.

  • Transparency in vistor tracking

  • Go Digital and save cost

  • Residents and Occupants Data becomes handy

  • Increased Security through Visitor Management, and Domestic Staff Tracking

  • Effective communication across whole society

Complete Society Management App - Overview

Make Your Society Secure and Automate Gate Management, Complaint Management, Billing & Invoicing, Online Payment, Tracking Visitor, IVR etc using iSociety Manager. Check out below video for a quick view.

What is Visitor Management System?

  • Comes with an attractive dashboard that allows easy access to various administrative features

  • Offers customised Visitor Management System. You can configure the Visitor Form, fields and preferences as your requirement.

  • Self Check In Visitor Management System. You can enable self registration feature where visitor can enter the details on her own.

  • Simple Visitor Management System for Guard. Any lay man can use the Visitor Guard App. It is very easy to use Visitor Management System. Effective for Visitor Management in your Society and complex or office.

  • Visitor Management with your branding. Now market your brand with logo, name.

  • Internationalised Visitor Management System. You can customise Visitor or guard form in language of your choice.

  • Fast and Simple Visitor Management System. Single Page for Guard App. Security Guard can easily manage the System

  • Visitor Parking. Generate pass and book your guest parking in advance. Making it very convenient and simple. Hassle free Visitor Management

  • IVR Based Visitor Management System for your community. Residents get automatic IVR Calls for any visitor arrival

  • Generate pre approved pass for your guest, ecommerce companies like Amazon, Flip Kart and Taxi Cabs

  • Go for contact less Visitor Management in Corona, COVID-19 Pandemic. Capture temperature, has mask fields

How to start Visitor Management System?

Visitor Management User Manual

What is Cloud Based Visitor Management System?

Face Recognition based Visitor Management

Visitor can be identified from their Face. Simply come in front of camera and get entry into Visitor Management System

Secures Resident Safety with iSociety Manager’s Efficient Visitor and Vehicle Management

When it comes to apartment society management, what is needed is a stringent mechanism by which maintenance, accounting and security activities are under control. What better way of doing this than through the iSociety Manager – a hi-tech application that can be used to manage hundreds of apartments in simple and effective way? No need to spend huge time, efforts and money in carrying out administrative activities when they can be done in minutes using the software.

Visitor Parking Mangement

For hassle free Visitor Management, Generate pass and book your guest parking in advance. Making it very convenient and simple.

Implementing Vehicle and Visitor Security

What about security and how can the iSociety manager be used to implement it on a large scale for resident safety? Isn’t security a task that should be left to trained guards who must be present at the gates at all times? Yes, but today security is not limited to just the presence of guards. You need to record the incoming and outgoing timings of every vehicle, visitor and maid for every resident, which can become a very cumbersome task when the number of residents runs into hundreds.

With the smart iSociety Manager, visitor tracking system this task can be done through the software in minutes. Any person or vehicle entering the complex premises is checked for proper identification, photographed and information about their arrival is communicated to the resident. As a vehicle and visitor tracker, it can be used extensively for carry out this task without errors. It is only after permission is given through the software; they can proceed inside and visit that resident. Hnece through the software the time consuming activity of recording, identifying and verification is done in minutes. Thus, the iSociety Manager is an effective visitor management system that has sound features in place for recording and monitoring movements in and out of the complex gate.

Today, housemaids arrive in dozens at vast residential complexes to cater to the housekeeping needs of residents. The iSociety Manager’s effective maid management system implements a powerful staff attendance feature records their coming in and out of the every maid into the complex, thus ensuring security for everyone inside, making it the best society security system india. Maids can download their maid attendance app and report their in and out as well as communicate messages through it.

With the ISociety Manager Visitor management system, compel security is compressive and addressees every aspect of resident safety. It is a powerful visitor management system India that includes wide range of attractive functions specifically designed to streamline visitor, vehicle management.

Pre Approved Pass and Auto Notification to Residents including IVR Call

Occupants get the automated IVR Call if they didn't respond within stipulated time

Generate Leads from your Visitor Management

iSocietyManager Visitor System can be integrated with Sales Force or any other CRM. You can get leads automatically

The System is customisable to capture fields and data related to lead management. Fields like Channel Partner, New Customer, Vendor can be easily configured

Self Checkin & Self Registration with your Brand and logo.

Generate sales leads from Visitor Management System?