Society Management System

  • Manage various administrative activities through a smart dashboard that helps you access any feature in just a click

  • Introduce higher efficiency and transparency in accounting and finance management and track any income or expenses at any time in minutes

  • Convert huge bill generation, dispersal and payment tasks into activities that can be done in minutes, thus cutting time and efforts on them

  • Track resident complaints received through IVR, allow them to service personnel, record their status and then finally close them after proper resolution

  • Introduce higher security into the complex through state-of-the-art visitor, maid and vehicle tracking processes

  • Send notices, alerts and messages in seconds, personalize features and automate various activities

  • Use collected data to generate multiple types of reports which can be sued to analyze data

Security Manager – Simple, Secure and Robust Software That Streamlines Huge Administrative Tasks

Are you an apartment block or society administrator and find there is an impending need to implement a far more efficient method of managing the vast network of block compromising the complex. Look into iSociety Manager right away, the best society management system – your means of efficient and quick execution of various activities in just a couple of minutes.

Why Implement The iSociety Manager – Your Modern Society Management Software?

You might have hundreds of administrative activities in a single week, but many of them can be carried out within the same time by using the software as it will automate such operations. As a result, servicing resident needs, completing payment collection, sending messages etc. can be done with the highest efficiency, which ensures resident satisfaction and effective control over time critical operations necessary for smooth living inside the apartment complex.

iSociety Manager – Apartment Management Software That’s A Class Apart

How is the iSociety apartment management software different from similar ones in the market? Its features focus on every aspect of apartment block management. Thus it takes care of the complete sphere of activities involved in overall administration, simplifying them at every stage, introducing transparency so that they are carried out in a with the highest efficiency.

It is a robust society management software India with a simple dashboard interface, through which its many features can be easily accessed. For example, if you needed to look at the utility payment history of a particular resident, amongst hundreds, the software will bring up the relevant record in minutes. Let’s take another example wherein you have to send a notice to all residents, a task which can take hours to do manually, but with iSociety Manager, it is done in just seconds. Through SMS, any alert, notification or message can be sent to hundreds of residents at the same time. By cutting short time spent on such administrative tasks, residents are served faster and more time and efforts can be focused on other urgent matter needing executive attention.

If you have been searching for powerful software for society management, the iSociety Manager will satisfy completely. Don’t look into a society parking management software or society billing software else society maintenance software, as the iSociety Manager has different features implemented into it. Running the administrative office of a large apartment complex will require many efficient managers and service attendants. However, with the iSociety Manager, there is no need to hire so many people as this single software will carry out the task in the shortest possible time. In case a resident has a complaint, all that is needed is logging into the account to record it, after which it will be sent to the administrative manager, after which its status has to be reported till is resolved.

iSociety Manager – Change The Way You Do Apartment Complex Administration

You will find the iSociety Manager to be a software tool that introduces new levels of efficiency and output in various apartment administrative tasks. It is an online society management system that offers the best results time and again. Something as complex as Profit &Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet etc. can be created in just minutes through it, while analysing various types of financial matters and creating report can be done with the highest efficiency, making way for smart administrative decisions.

While many may view iSociety Manager as an application that carries out mundane or routine administrative activities, it is not so? It is intuitive software that can automate various work processes, thus streamlining them and enabling them to be carried out faster, reliable and more efficiently. Something as crucial as apartment complex security can be carried out in a far more efficient way using it than by hiring many security guards. For example, any time a visitor or vehicle enters the complex, the activity is photographed and its number is noted through it, likewise is done for the exit. Maids coming into the complex show their attendance using the software and come with a Smart card identity through which they demonstrate their presence to the software.

Implement the iSociety Manager Right Away

An iSociety Manager is smart software that makes the cumbersome, complicated and complex administrative tasks to be something that can be carried out efficiently and in the shortest possible time. Its features make it the best society management software download the society management app right away to your mobiles.

iSocietyManager App - Overview

Make Your Society Smart and Automate Complaint Management, Billing & Invoicing, Online Payment, Tracking Visitor, IVR etc using iSociety Manager. Check out below video for a quick view.

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