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Society Accounting Solution Overview

What is Housing Society Accounting Software

Complete Accounting System with all Financial Statements including GSTR1, Income Expense Statement, Trial Balance, Day Book, Vendor Payables, Balance Sheet. Option of Integration with your exisitng Tally

Society Accounting Software

iSocietyManager is a one of its kind Housing Society Management Software for Housing Societies. iSocietyManager makes 100% automation of society Accounting and collections possible. iSocietyManager offers an integrated payment gateway which society members can use to pay their maintenance and other dues using their credit or debit cards and instantly get a receipt. In addition, bills can be directly be raised on all members automatically every month along with penalty and arrears.

What is in good Society Accounting Software?

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Society Accounting Software – How it handle different types of bills

You can configure different bill plans like Maintenance, Electricity, etc. The sytem gives you full flexibity in terms of selecting multiple bill plans

Why Society Accounting Software – Your Modern Society Accounting Software?

iSocietyManager is advance Accounting system. You can configure different charges like Advance Charges, Individual Charges, Social Club Charges, Complaint Charges

Is your Society Accounting Software good?

  • You can preview bills and export bill charge distribution in advance to mitigate any errors

  • Multiple Payment options with different Payment Gateways

  • Different reports for management including bill aging report, Statement of Account Report, Defaulter Reports

How to decide different bill or invoice formats?

You can select any type of the bill formats for different invoices like Gas Bill, Maintenance Bill, Electricity Bill, etc.

What is Item Wise Adjustment

Almost every invoice includes more than one charge. Item (Charge) Wise Adjustment is mechanism where charges are knocked off in defined order, whenever payment is made against the invoice.

How to decide maintenance interest charges or late payment charges?

Late payment charge or delayed payment charge is critical component in CAM, Electricity and other bills in RWA Societies, Corporate Parks, Residential & Commercial Properties. There are different methods prevalent for Late Payment Charge Calculation

Should we have Smart Meter integration for Advance Accounting?

For Electricity, Gas Accounting you can integrate with Smart Meter Servers. It reduces lot of manual activities and automatically fetch the readings through API

 Why we need Society Accounting Software

Smart Accounting Solution for Your Apartments

Single Page View for Your Accounting Statements, Billing and Collection, excellent control over finances

  • Complete Simple and Automatic Accounting with all Financial Statement Generated - Balance Sheet, Income and Expense Statement, GST Filing Report

  • Invoice Vs Payment, Bill Ageing, Bill Preview, Bill Summary, Payment, TDS, GST Reports in one Click

  • Bill Formats as per your need, Tariff Configuration, Delayed Payment Charges

  • Ledger, Trial Balance, Income/ Expense Statement, Balance Sheet, Vendor Payables, Non-Member Income, Expense Tracker

  • Integration with any exisitng ERP through API like SAP, Tally Prime, etc.

  • Defaulter List, Auto Reminders, Auto Bill Generation, CAM, Electricity, Gas, Water, Rental, Adhoc, Miscellaneous Bills

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Society Accounting Software - Overview

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