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What is RWA Management Software?

  • iSociety offers society management system , society management software , society management app , apartment management system for AOA functioning

  • Helps to implement systematic processes by which various administrative tasks can be carried out quickly and conveniently

  • Comes with a simple dashboard that can be used to carry out various activities with utmost efficiency

  • Includes features that assists in accounting, financial management and data analytics

  • Can be used to automate hundreds of mundane tasks needed to efficiently administrate the whole complex thus saving time and efforts

  • Have features that enable easy creation and dispersal of utility bills as and when needed to residents

  • Implements a sophisticated IVR system by which resident complaints are efficiently recorded, tracked and resolved

  • Puts in place methods that ensure stringent security is in place throughout the society complex

  • Can be personalized wherein its features can be setup in such a way that they can be quickly accessed according to work needs

What are advantages of RWA Management Software?

  • Increase effectiveness of your team by more than 40%.

  • Transparency in accounting and finance management and track any income or expenses at any time in minutes

  • Go Digital and save cost

  • Residents and Occupants Data becomes handy

  • Increased Security through Visitor Management, and Domestic Staff Tracking

  • Effective communication across whole society

  • Manage your assets, planned preventive maintenance

iSociety Manager – Efficient RWA Software At Affordable Price

Today society complexes are more than just buildings that lie in a congested layout, they are beautifully created architectural marvels, which provide residents with the latest facilities and functions. However, what is noticed is that there is a dire need for a strong administrative system as manual apartment society management is simply not enough. Such a need is addressed by the sophisticated iSociety Manager, which comes with state-of-the-art facilities that enable it to carry out a vast amount of administrative activities, quickly and conveniently. Its intuitive and advanced features make it the best RWA management software in the market.

Important Features That Makes Administrative Tasks Efficient

The iSociety Manager is more than just an apartment complex management software. It is a very smart system with features that can be used to manage innumerable activities in a vast complex with speed. Here is a look at the key features of the iSociety Manager:

  • Easy to use system that enables various administrative tasks to be carried out with higher efficiency
  • Can be used to automate mundane tasks and functions thus reducing time spent on them as well as money
  • Details stored in it can helps ascertain information needed on any resident, utility usage, complaints management etc
  • Serves an effective communication tool as it can send emails or messages to hundreds of residents in minutes

Can Be Personalized Whereby Its Features Can Be Made Easier To Use

One key activity that should be constantly monitored is the society’s accounts, which can be done efficiently using the software’s finance management features. Bookkeeping, creating Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet etc can be done in minutes through it. Since it records various financial transactions with the highest efficiency, the software sets a hallmark for how society accounts should be maintained and introduces transparency into it, whereby any transaction at any time can be traced.

Quick Billing and Dispersal of Notices

You will find iSociety Manager software for RWA to be the perfect means of creating and dispersing various bills, notices, alerts and messages to hundreds of residents at the same time. No need to spend a huge amount of time and efforts in this activity, when it can be done in minutes through this software, which is intuitive and easy-to-use. As such activities can be automated they can be carried out with higher efficiency and also faster.

Implement Safety Measures

Today, the primary concern in any large housing complex is safety. There should be a proper system in place to monitor vehicles, maids and visitors. All such cumbersome and time consuming activities can be done fast using the iSociety Manager, which can be used to record their movements as and when they happen. When a resident gets a visitor, maid or vehicle, they are informed about it through the software and only if permission is given is anything allowed into the complex? Maids have to show their Smart Card authentication and through it record their attendance as only then will their everyday work presences be accounted.

Another key activity that has to be carried out regularly is data analytics, wherein various types of information collected on utility usage, inventory stocks etc are collected and analyzed. The analytics report is used to make effective decisions on various parameters such as how available resources are used in maintenance, stock levels of items needed for smooth running of complex, implementing safety measures and much more.

Running a large society complex is an activity that will take significant skills and administrative capacity. Staff must be people with high level of experience in dealing with the complicated activities involved in managing a huge residential complex in which the number of apartments runs into hundreds. Simplify such activities with the easy-to-use iSociety Manager, which includes those features that can make any type of administrative activity simple and efficient to carry out. Its features make it a popular RWA Management Software India, one that is affordably priced.

RWA Management App - Overview

Make Your Society Smart and Automate Complaint Management, Billing & Invoicing, Online Payment, Tracking Visitor, IVR etc using iSociety Manager. Check out below video for a quick view.