Inventory Management System and Software Application

  • Comes with an intuitive dashboard that makes accessing any specific feature simple and easy

  • It is revolutionary software that can be used to carry out multifarious administrative activities with utmost ease and efficiency

  • As it automates various activities such as sending notices, alerts or messages, bill creation and dispersal etc, such voluminous activities to be speeded up

  • Accounts management and resource allocation can be simplified, systematized, ensuring that funds are properly used and no resource is wasted

  • Implements stringent security measures through which vehicle, visitor and maid movements are tracked and monitored in real time

  • Inventory levels of essential complex maintenance and security items are checked, alerts sent on replenishment, stocked kept in full and overstocking avoided

  • Efficient IVR system for compliant registration ensures that resident complaints are recorded accurately and resolved soon

  • Features can be personalized according to a need which enhances ease of use and enables various functions to be used according to administrator’s needs

What are advantages of Inventory Management System?

  • Increase effectiveness of your team by more than 40%.

  • Transparency in working

  • Go Digital and save cost

  • Inventory Data becomes handy

  • Effective and timely communication

  • Manage your assets, planned preventive maintenance

Definition of an Inventory Management System

An inventory management system is the combination of technology (hardware and software) and processes and procedures that oversee the monitoring and maintenance of stocked consumable products, whether those products are society assets Fans, Motors , raw materials and supplies.

What Is an Inventory Management System, and What Features Do I Need?

An inventory management system is a tool that allows you to track goods across supply chain. It optimizes the entire spectrum spanning from order placement with your vendor to order delivery to your customer, mapping the complete journey of a product.

iSociety Manager – Gain Control Over Inventory Levels And Cut Unnecessary Stock Spending

iSociety Manager is a modern tool that makes managing a large society complex, simple and brings transparency into each activity, so that at any time, any specific decision or task can be checked, verified or ascertained for valid reasons. Implementing the software will take just an hour or so and once the administrative heads start using it, they will find it a quick and very effective tool to use for completing some of the most important activities with the highest accuracy.

When managing a huge residential complex, administrators should not be overburden with work load. They should be able to carry out hundreds of activities simultaneously yet do them with the highest accuracy. The iSociety Manager poses a solution for such needs and by using it society administrative staff gain higher levels of efficiency in complex administration.

Activities such as accounts management, visitor and vehicle tracking, maid attendance recording, utility bill creation and payment etc, are carried out in seconds and some processes can be automated. With so many administrative tasks to carry out… this software proves to be a vital resource that enables their effective implementation, thereby ensuring smooth functioning of management operations inside the complex.

Implementing the Inventory Management Software System

It serves as effective inventory management software whereby it can complex stock taking of various items needed to maintain a huge compel efficiently. Inventory management is a key activity neither of society management, as there should be no underutilization nor over utilization of resources. Any particular item that is needed to carry out repair or maintenance work must be adequately stocked, used and then replenished when it is not available in desired quantities such activities can be done smoothly and in just minutes using the iSociety inventory management software.

At any time, the iSociety inventory management feature can be used to ascertain stock levels and find out if money is available to spend on desired inventory. It also informs automatically when the level of a particular stock goes below a certain point. It can be used to maintain various stock levels with highest efficiency. Here is a look at the key benefits of this inventory software:

  • Helps you take stock of various inventories simultaneously at any time
  • It can be used to define inventor level based on which all available inventories are evaluated
  • Finds out unusable inventory and reports about it so that it can be removed as soon as possible
  • Tracks how much of ivnetory is going out and coming in as and when it happens thus providing real time data on such activities
  • As it holds the stock level quantities of items needed for society repair, maintenance and security activities, it plays a vital role in society safety
  • It can automate various inventory administrative activities, enabling hundreds of tasks to be done in minutes, thus cutting time and also costs.
  • As inventory is constantly checked, alerts on stock levels are provided at any time under any circumstances
  • Proper inventory management ensures that unnecessary stock is eliminated and essential stock is always replenished

In case any particular item has been underutilized, it will inform about it right away so that it can be purchased quickly as it might be needed soon. In case an item is not available at all, it will also inform about this in seconds, so that administrator can decide whether or not to purchase it. Through the feature, wastage of resources is avoided and unnecessary expenses are removed, thus introducing higher levels of efficiency in complex management. Thus through the iSociety Manager, inventory management for society is made simple, easy and systematic.

Throughout management of inventory, it is vital that inventory quality is maintained, when this is not up to the mark, defects being to show in the work output. The iSociety inventory management system asks reviews from residents any maintenance work so that its outcome is acknowledged which in turn shows the quality of the inventory material used in the maintenance activity any poor or low cost materials can be avoided by such review, thus being replaced by better quality ones that show long lasting results in repair and maintenance work.

iSocietyManager App - Overview

Make Your Society Smart and Automate Complaint Management, Billing & Invoicing, Online Payment, Tracking Visitor, IVR etc using iSociety Manager. Check out below video for a quick view.