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Facility Management Software

  • iSociety offers various features that make facility management simple, easy and quick

  • A smart dashboard coupled with customizable interface makes the software easy-to-use and quick in implementing various activities

  • Complex administrative processes can be simplified and streamlined through the software, thus introducing higher levels of efficiency

  • Various work processes such as maintenance and utility bill creation, dispersal of notices and alerts can be automated

  • With implementation of IVR system for resident registration, these activities are accurately recorded and responded quickly

  • Activities related to finance management and inventory control are made transparent

  • Data analytics and reporting can be done with speed, thus creating resources which show resource allocation and utility usage

  • Vehicle, visitor and maid tracking is done systematically thus ushering new levels of safety and security into the complex

iSociety Manager – Implement High Administrative Efficiency In Society Complex

Many housing complexes are in dire need of proper administration as now they are more than just a couple of block of flats. With modern construction technology, small apartment complexes have transformed into huge areas with blocks that span high floors and a residential area that is expansive and inclusive of latest residential features.

iSociety Manager - Make Facility Or Society Administration Quick, Simple, Easy

Since the number of apartments inside the complex span into thousands, there needs to be an effective system in place to manage them accurately throughout the year. Look into implementing facility asset management software as it offers a one-stop solution for administrative needs for a vast society complex.

Facility management software India offers various features that enable you to carry out a vast number of activities quickly and conveniently. The society administrative manager has to keep track of various tasks simultaneously, communicate, disperse notices, carry out maintenance and much more. Furthermore, if there are any complaints from any residents or a group of residents, it has to be resolved right away. What better way of carrying out all such responsibilities and activities than by using the iSociety Manager – very robust and modern facility management software.

Key Features to Note

In order to introduce the highest levels of ease into work, the software used for facility management must be comprehensive and address various aspects of society administration. The key benefit in implementing it is its automation of various work processes, by which they can be done quickly. Some of the key activities that are carried out by it automatically include:

  • Creation of maintenance and utility bills at the beginning of each month and their dispersal
  • Recording of resident complaints through a logging system wherein they can get into their account and send complaints
  • Tracking of complaints till their ultimate resolution and closurel
  • Sending of notices to various residents at the same time, thus enabling hundreds of tenants to get it at the same time
  • Automatic bill payment facility by which residents can make maintenance and utility bill payment in just seconds through payment gateway

In addition to these automated processes, the software introduces greater efficiency into facility management by assisting in maintaining accounts accurately. Complex activities such as tracking of income and expenses, creation of profit and loss account, balance sheet, general ledger etc, can be done using it, in just minutes.

It cuts down unnecessary costs, time and efforts in carrying out administrative activities. Let’s take the example of preparing bill or notices and sending them to hundreds of residents. This is an activity that can take a couple of days to complete, if it was done manually. However by implementing the software, it can be done quickly, efficiently and without incurring high costs.

Manages Finances and Prevents Overspending

The foremost requirement for a society to function accurately is implementation of an effective system that manages finances accurately as it is the key means for carrying out regular maintenance. With this software, at any time any accounting activity can be quickly recorded and also later tracked. The administrative heads of the complex can check available funds for maintenance activities at any time. Such complex finance management activities, which can take hours and many staff to complete is finishes quickly through the smart iSociety Manager.

Implements Stringent Security Measures

What about society security ….as today it is all the more important to implement steps by which theft or fraud is stopped at the gates of the complex? In this context, the iSociety manager has visitor, vehicle and maid tracking features by which all movements in and out of the complex is recorded and tracked. Residents can notify the gate to stop unauthorized people from getting inside and likewise anyone coming in a vehicle can be checked for their identity and then allowed inside. Similarly maids have to show their attendance through a Smart Card which they should use to record their in and out of the complex.

The various feature of the iSociety Manager make it the best facility management software, inclusive of state-of-the-art features that enable it to carry out a wide range of functions with highest efficiency, delivering outmost satisfaction to administrative heads and residents alike.

iSocietyManager App - Overview

Make Your Society Smart and Automate Complaint Management, Billing & Invoicing, Online Payment, Tracking Visitor, IVR etc using iSociety Manager. Check out below video for a quick view.

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