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Boom Barrier Integration

  • Comes with a smart dashboard which offers quick access to state-of-the-art features that simplify and speed up administrative tasks

  • Can be used to carry out complex accounting and financial management activities, inventory checking and analysis of resources with highest efficiency

  • Streamlines complex administrative tasks thus enabling them to be carried out with transparency and efficiency, hence eliminating errors

  • Can be used to automate utility and maintenance bill preparation, by which these activities are done in seconds

  • With an automated payment gateway, any bills sent can be quickly paid by tenants

  • Automated IVR complaint system, personalization features, automatic alerts enable the administrative staff to serve residents falser

  • Implements strong security measures in the complex so that no one unauthorized enters the complete thus securing the safety of all residents

  • Can be used to effectively communicate important notices, alerts and other such message to tenants

iSociety Manager – Effective Complex Administrative Software With Boom Barrier System

Administrating over a large residential complex is a task that will take significant time and efforts. Today hiring more staff is not the solution for carrying this activity with the highest efficiency, as it can lead to bigger administrative overheads. The ideal solution to sound management of a large complex that has hundreds of apartments is ….implementing the modern and very sophisticated iSociety Manager software.

Easy-to-use, it comes with a dashboard that offers quick access to its many features. Once you start using it, you will find so many tasks being finished off faster than expected. Hence there is more time to focus of key and very urgent administrative activities. No need to hire additional staff to carry out routine activities which are needed to run the apartment complex smoothly. They are replaced by this single software solution that carry out such tasks quickly, efficiently and also cost effectively.

Creating Hundreds of Utility Bills in Minutes

Let’s take the example of utility bill creation and generation, which will take significant time and efforts. This activity is simplified by the iSociety Manager, wherein it is done automatically by it, hence bills at the end of each month is dispersed automatically to hundreds of residents on time… a task which could have taken a couple of days to do. The software also provides a payment gateway by which residents can quickly make bill payment through its mobile app or through the application portal and thereby complete the task in seconds.

iSociety Manager – The Best Software With Integrated Boom Barrier System

Another example of how useful the software is to running the complex smoothly for residents is its security system. There is a method in place by which vehicle visitor and maid movements are tracked and recorded. At any time, the visitors and vehicles that arrive for any resident is noted through the software and the record can be referred to later. Any maid, visitor or vehicle that is coming inside for a particular resident is checked and their entrance is notified to the resident, who has to give permission and only after it is obtained is the gate opened.

Safety is an issue of high importance in a housing complex which has hundreds of apartments. In order to ensure that everyone living inside is safe, monitoring of movements must be done at the gate. In order to avoid delays and manual error in residential safety upkeep, it is vital to implement the iSociety Manager, which has a stringent security, features by which all movements in and out are recorded digitally. Without verification no maid, visitor or vehicle is allowed inside the complex as only then can so many residents stay safe and live without any disturbances every day. The iSociety boom barrier price in India is very reasonable.

Efficient Maintenance of Accounts

What about financial management and how do accounting activities get managed? The iSociety Manager is software that can be used to complete any type of bookkeeping task systematically and efficiently. Record every transaction and at the end of the month, you can find out about income and expenses in just second. You can use the software to create Balance Sheets, Profits and Loss Accounts, General Ledger and much more. It can be used to analyze resource utilization as well as allocation of inventory or stocks needed for society upkeep and smooth operations. Hence using it such complex activities are streamlined and transparency is introduced by which a finances and resource utilization is always correct and optimal.

Effective communication is the key to running a vast complex smoothly. What better way to do this than by the iSociety Manager’s automated notification facility. Through it any notice can be quickly created and dispersed to hundreds of tenants in just minutes through SMA or e-mail using this software. Likewise any complaints from them will be recorded through a sophisticated IVR system that will record, track any compliant and notify when it is resolved. Furthermore, you will find the iSociety Manager Boom barrier price in India to be low cost enabling it to be quickly purchased and implemented in a vast administrative setup quickly.

iSocietyManager App - Overview

Make Your Society Smart and Automate Complaint Management, Billing & Invoicing, Online Payment, Tracking Visitor, IVR etc using iSociety Manager. Check out below video for a quick view.

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