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Apartment Management Software

  • Streamlines various administration activities with a simple dashboard interface that helps access manifold features in a click

  • Automates utility and maintenance bill generation and establishes an online payment system and posting receipts to make them fast and error-free

  • Implements IVR compliant registration, enable residents to log complaints using their mobile app or web portal, track complaint status till resolution

  • Systematizes accounts management, general ledger preparation, the creation of profits & loss account, balance sheet, link with accounts software lake Tally or SAP

  • Brings better apartment security through visitor monitoring, automate pass generation, block unwanted visitors, send a signal to safety for urgent visitors

  • Tracks maid attendance using Smartcard which has made pot the other details, which when they swipe will send a message to the resident

  • Disperses alerts, notifications and messages to hundreds of residents in minutes and also get their response at the same

  • Analyses data related to resource allocation and utility consumption based on which reports are generated to remove wastage

Gain Low Cost and Efficient Control of Vast Apartment Complex with Issociety Manager Software

Gain comprehensive control over your society or apartment complex with the smart iSociety manager. Use it to bring more comfort and security into an apartment lifestyle. Find the required data or information as and when needed with a few clicks and complete various administrative activities quickly, without errors and up to high satisfaction.

Make Apartment Complex Administration Easy

No need to create and fill paper forms for administrative tasks or spend a tremendous amount of money on hiring security personnel. Simplify such activities, gain more time, yet cut costs with this single apartment management software application that lets you do a wide range of activities with the highest efficiency. This software will transform apartment complex administration like nothing else.

Isociety Manager – Breakthrough Apartment Management Software

The iSociety apartment security management system is more than just software that helps carry out administrative activities.. it is an intelligent and intuitive system what helps manage the most complex of activities with simplicity.

Every aspect of a largeapartment complex management that is worth crores can be automated through it, which helps to manage it efficiently, on time and also cost-effectively. With so many features and functionalities in place to simplify your apartment administrative work, you can say that iSociety is the best apartment management software.

How Does Isociety Manager Work?

With its different features, you can say that iSociety is intelligent software for apartment management that offers a very smart dashboard through which various tasks or activities can be carried out in minutes. The dashboard’s interface changes according to the role of the user which can be senior administration, junior administrator, resident etc. In addition to installation in the actual administrative office of the apartment block complex, it has also been designed for quick downloading to Android and iPhone mobiles.

Through it, you can stay connected with residents of a vast complex at any time, according to requirements. So, sending them notifications, alerts or responding to their queries are actions that can be completed in seconds.

At any time, it keeps you updated on any activity, news and events happening inside the complex. You have eliminated carrying out the essential administrative task using cumbersome paper forms and manual processing and replaced with this healthy, robust and quick iSociety software that will carry hundreds of such activities in just minutes. Notonly this, with it, you can implement stringent security measures subtly and intelligently, thus enhancing safety in a vast complex.

Activities Automated Through TheIsociety Manager

Simplify, reduce, eliminate errors, introduce transparency and respond faster, save costs etc., with the sophisticated iSociety apartment management system. These are what you can achieve by using this software. Here is a look at the multiple activities that can be carried out through iSociety manager:

Online Billing –

Automatic checking of electricity consumption and charge calculation, maintenance bill preparation and their disbursal via SMS or email to residents. Never miss dispensing bill and enable residents to pay them on time, in seconds through the software’s interface.

Complaint Management –

Residents can at any time log into the system through their account and register a complaint through 24 hours IVR in both English and Local Language. Once a submissiveis recorded, its status can be monitored through the system it is resolved. Alerts will be sent on pending complaints so that they are fixed as soon as possible. The state of multiple charges in a day will be recorded,and their status can be vied at any time, in second through the software.

Accounting –

Complex accounting activities such as recording various income and expenses, the creation of Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheetetc. can be done through it, thus cutting costs and labourinvolved in such tasks. At any time, any expense or income can be tracked instantly using it.

Data Analytics And Reporting –

The analytics feature help to determine how suchexpenses haveoccurred and consumption done by tenants of facilities like water and electricity.Such analytics helps to assess resident needs and their agepatterns. It also helps to identify areas where users can be cut so stop wastage.

VisitorAnd Housekeeping Monitoring–

If any visitor were to come, the software could be used to log in and out timings, vehicle parking, take photos and even automate arrival notice as well as unwanted block visitors. It eliminated manual visitor registration and vehicle tracking. Likewise, the arrival of housemaids will be notified through the software, with each maid showing her pass at the entrance, presence or absence recorded for the day etc.

Residents can look at any time access iSociety Manager software features through the apartment management app which can be quickly downloaded. They can carry out various residents activities connected with their involvement in apartment administration and maintenance with it in just minutes.

iSocietyManager App - Overview

Make Your Society Smart and Automate Complaint Management, Billing & Invoicing, Online Payment, Tracking Visitor, IVR etc using iSociety Manager. Check out below video for a quick view.

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