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  • iSociety Manager is sophisticated software that streamlines various activities through an attractive dashboard

  • Accounting can be done efficiently through its features, which enables society administrators to keep track of all financial activities as they happen

  • Creation of utility and maintenance bills, a task which can take hours to do can be completed in minutes for hundreds of residents

  • Registration of complaints from residents is done through IVR which can be followed up by the software till its resolution

  • Any number of notices and alerts can be sent to residents as and when required

  • Payment for maintenance and utility bills from residents can be collected through a secure payment gateway

  • Has sound system in place for visitor, vehicle and maid tracking thus implementing stringent security

  • With data analytics features it can be used to analyze consumption of utilities and resources as well as resolution of resident complaints

iSociety Manager – Smart, Sophisticated Software For Apartment Maintenance And Access Control

Today when you look at the kind of high rise constructions that can be seen in the property market, what is surprising is the way in which they are created. Inclusive of the best architectural features they offer sophisticated comforts on the inside. However, unlike decades earlier, where construction just spanned three floors, today you can find them covering up to 5 even 10 floors and more.

The huge number of apartments in today’s housing complexes demands the need for a robust and impressive maintenance system. Since manual monitoring of such vast space is not possible as management activities can become cumbersome and complicated, implementing software to do the task is the solution. The iSociety Manager poses at the best technology for this need as it has a vast number of features that simplify and streamline apartment complex management …thus cutting time, efforts and also saving on expenses.

Streamline Housing Complex Administration with iSociety Manager

What types of apartment administrative activities can be completed by the iSociety Manager? It can be used to carry out voluminous bill creation, month after month, accurately and on time. No need to hire staff to do this work as the software will automatically calculate costs for all residents at the beginning of each month and disperse the information in the form of a utility or maintenance bill which will be sent to them through SMS or email. By providing an instant payment gateway, money can be collected quickly, thereby ensuring that payment has been received accurately and this activity duly recorded.

A key area of concern in apartment block administration is financial management and accounts maintenance. A simple but effective accounting system and expert bookkeeping staff are a must to ensure proper flow of funds and availability of money for society maintenance and upkeep. You can trust the iSociety Manager to do this complex activity for you, with its accounting functionality though which various accounting books and records will be accurately maintained. As a result, any transaction can be tracked at any time and you can always find funds being allotted for various upkeep activities.

In addition to accounts management, the software perform the critical activity of report analysis by which data collected from various expense avenues are collected and analyzed. This helps to identify trends in expenses, needs of residents, unnecessary use, wastage etc, which in turn helps to determine how best to utilize available resources and prevent unnecessary expenses.

iSociety Manager – Solution For Apartment Access Control

Today implementing stringent security is of utmost importance as only then can hundreds of residents stay safe inside a vast residential complex. The iSociety Manager access control for apartments feature enables this problem to be solved with its security functions through which movement in and out of the complex are recorded. Details about the vehicle, visitors and maids who move in and out of the complex are input into it and only authorized people and vehicles are allowed inside using it. Instead of hiring a dozen security guards to look into resident safety, this single access control for society software function will carry out all their activities in minutes.

Introduces High Efficiency in Apartment Administration

You can say that the iSociety Manager is comprehensive tool that includes various features through which apartment administration is simplified and streamlined. It can be used to automate hundreds of functions, enabling you to complete them quickly so that residents are served to their utmost satisfaction. No more delays in catering to resident complaints or sending any message or bills to them. Such activities and many more are either automated or carried out with speed, giving administrators more time to focus on other activities that need their attention.

Implement the iSociety Manager to gain the highest efficiency into apartment complex administration. It is intuitive software that shows satisfactory results and streamlines some of the most complex activities, enabling administrators to do them more efficiently and implement give quality management inside the housing complex.

iSocietyManager App - Overview

Make Your Society Smart and Automate Complaint Management, Billing & Invoicing, Online Payment, Tracking Visitor, IVR etc using iSociety Manager. Check out below video for a quick view.

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